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Summer 2021

After March 2020 I stopped making. Focusing on working at my part-time job and staying safe during a pandemic. Making fell to the side lines.

I did get a chance to build a new studio in the garden, which took longer than expected with difficulties getting materials. Kiln problems kept on occuring in the new space too. With all the added stress of that and COVID, making just wasn't happening as easily as it had done before. I had the opportunity to take part in an Open House during the Summer/Autumn which was great! Surrounded by makers again and selling work. After that I packed up my work and got my sketchbook out and got back to it.

So at the start of 2021 I knuckled down and my sister and I fixed my kiln. Pieces that had sat there for months could finally be fired. Finally started to see finished products again. Now that those pieces have been finished I have photographed them and am updating an online shop! Making it easier for people to reach out and order.

So be on the lookout! Shop Update will be announced on my mailing list and social media soon!

Instagram @kb_ceramicist

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